This is a work in progress and will be updated and shared on Aloha Fridays. Please let me know of any Hawaii based projects @vagobond or

There were two excellent IRL events last week. Our regular Friday night, no agenda get together brought some great conversations, new friendships, and interesting ideas. Additionally, Chainlink Hawaii hosted an awesome informational + social event at Treehouse in Kahala where they gave a great overview of blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and Chainlink’s role in all of that. Attendees got some great schwag plus beer and pizza.

Online there was the bi-weekly Bitcoin meetup, at least one Twitter space, and more. I’ll try to get better at listing these here as time goes on. There is a Twitter space on Wednesdays at 6pm HST.

Of course, many of the conversations this week centered around two things – the ending of legal exchanges in Hawai’i and how we can move forward as well as the awful market conditions at the moment.

Hawai`i Blockchain Gatherings/Events:


5/6/2022  6pm- 7pm, Blockchain Informal – Whole Foods Kaka’ako – informal meetup and chill event for all blockchain interested or involved people. There is no agenda here – just a chance to meet up in real life, make some frens, and enjoy a bit of breath together.

Hawai`i Blockchain News

Helpful Hawai`i Blockchain Resources:

Highly recommended. Great information and friendly ohana.

Sean and Aliko have created a safe space for new or experienced crypto people to connect.  They’ve also created the excellent How to Crypto Hawaii ( website that has a wealth of local information on it that is helpful for people of all levels in the aloha state (and a Facebook Page:

NFT Projects:

Fomo Mofo – | Discord  | Twitter:@FomoMofoNFT

Bald Jesus Drinking Club | Discord | Twitter: @baldjesusart

Where My Vanagon Goes – | Twitter: @vagobond

Aloha NFT |  

Hawaii Aloha Collection NFT| Discord: hawaiialohanft | Twitter: HawaiiAlohaNFT  | Project created by former NFL star Mana Silva

The Project 808  | | Twitter @theproject808 | Discord  |

Aloha Frens  | | Insta & ENS : watase.eth

Angry Natives | |Twitter: @TheAngryNatives Insta: @TheAngryNatives |   OS: | Discord:

BarkMeow Heroes | || @BarkMeowHeroes


Crypto & Token Projects:

Hawaii Coin I bought some of these. It’s actually one of the oldest crypto projects out there (not just in Hawaii) and has seen little peaks of interest over the years where it looks like it might revive, but so far, nope.

Aloha Coin I helped to write the White Paper for this back in 2017, but the project just seemed to drop of the radar, devs stopped responding, etc. It still sits right where it was.

The Crypto High Life – | Discord: | Funny crypto videos produced by a Maui team


Exchanges & Bitcoin ATMs:

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here: How To Crypto Hawaii has an excellent and up to date page that lists the exchanges that can be used in Hawaii, the pros and cons, and more.

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